The last Gallics

Every year during summer, in Esse, in northern Charente, France, a gallic village (Coriobona) comes alive for ten days to revive what was Lemovices daily life, a tribe from the 1st century before Christ. Built on 4 hectares, between clearing and underwood, this oppidum (fortified village) of ten buildings recreates architecture as well as furniture and clothing from that age. Gestures and craftsmanship are identically replicated, by inhabitants from this land, a group of fifty history enthusiasts.

Bankers, workers or winemakers for a living, they become either blacksmiths, stonecutters, potters, warriors or village leader for Grannos celebrations, divinity of rain and sources. Once in their trousers, they become Oxsos, Alatta, Eporenos or Dumnorix. For ten days and ten night, they think, eat, sleep and act like gallics to exalt their nature.

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